A Legacy Continues

As a young man, I worked in various machine shops and served as a deep sea diver in operations from New Orleans to the Suez Canal. In 1977, I opened my first machine shop in Camarillo, California.

Initially, I manufactured parts for aerospace, guns and medical industries; but my desire was always to craft a product of my own. So, in 1987, I turned my life-long passion for fly fishing into what soon became the Abel Reel phenomenon.

With the success of our superior line of fly reels, I began to see the need for high-quality travel gear, bags and luggage designed for rugged outdoor use by quality-conscious sportsmen and thrill seekers. This new line of luggage quickly became as popular with world travelers as our reels.

When Gina and I decided to sell our company as a result of a life-changing event in 2006, the luggage was discontinued. But not the demand. After hearing from people around the globe who were searching for our custom crafted gear, we finally decided to revive the Abel luggage line once again.

In keeping with our legacy of all-American products, our entire product line is produced only in the USA to our original, exacting standards, to create enduring multi-purpose gear for every need. This line has been tested, used, abused and refined under conditions we hope you never have to travel in. Your next Abel gear purchase is designed to last a lifetime.

We are proud to offer this line once again.

Good Tides,

Steve Abel